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Vital statistics
Birthplace: Unknown
Species: human
Gender: male
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

If he has a first name (or a last name), he's not sure what it is (maybe Gray?), like other details before his accident. He may have overheard someone say that they thought he was a goner, and he mistook that for his name.

He thinks he was a former Commonwealth(?) doctor, but then took a chunk of shrapnel to the forehead, which drove deeply into his brain and splintered. Amazingly, it did not kill him, and even more amazingly, his ability as a doctor seems completely unimpaired. It does seem, however, to have had an impact on his connection to and perception of reality. He was either chased out or left (again, he can't recall), but has drifted into Waller.


  1. Retrieval of copper tubing from an abandoned store
  2. Rescue of family from a strip mall
  3. Battle outside Northside Hospital