Thanks to the hard work of people not important enough to have names, the people of Waller enjoy a steady supply of food.  Several of the old fields around the Waller recreational complex have been converted to cultivated fields.

Thanks to the so-far-still-functional well pump, Waller has access to enough clean water to keep the fields irrigated and to meet the needs of its inhabitants.

Folks wishing a change from the steady diet of barely edible grains and vegitables need only look down the hill to the fields where a Brahmin herd goes to pasture.  They quickly look away, of course, so as to not make eye contact with Murphy.

The recent addition of a stil raises the possibility of libations of a more festive nature but, so far, no one seems to have been able to get it to produce something fit for more than degreasing engines or burning in the power generator.

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