Ghouls are mutated humans, suffering from the effects of radioactive fallout combined with exposure to the forced evolutionary virus. Extremely ugly with zombie-like appearance, they look like decayed, dried up walking corpses. Despite their apparent physical frailty, ghouls are very long-lived and are highly radiation resistant by nature.

Ghoul [+10 points]Edit

Attribute Adjustment: DX+1 [20]; ST-1 [-10].

Secondary Characteristic Adjustment: Perception +2 [10]; Basic Move -2 [-10].

Racial Advantages: Unaging [15]; Immune to Disease [15]; Regeneration (Slow) [10]; Temperature Tolerance +6 [6].

Racial Disadvantages: Appearance -4 (Hideous) [-16]; Skinny [-5]; Racial Reputation (Mutant; -2 Reaction; Almost everyone; All the time) [-10]; Social Stigma -3 (Mutant) [-15].

Free Skills: Language (Native); Area Knowledge (at IQ; Home City). Most ancient Ghouls are literate.

Racially Learned Skills and Skill Bonuses: Nil

Features/Taboos: Sterile [0].

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