Waller Wiki
Lucy Violence.jpg
Vital statistics
Player(s): Aaron
Species: Psycher
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Fiery Red
Personal Weapons Systems
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: Lucie p1.pngLucie p2.png
Chronological & Political Information

  Lucy was born in a vault that was discovered by the Commonwealth when she was 6 years old. She was one of the many residents that were taken away and used in FEV experiments. Her test group was used to develop Psycher abilities. She was one of the few successes.  Any surviving failures were used as targets in further experiments. Being subjected to years of brutal experiments and conditioning has left her mentally scarred and violent.  Having developed telekinetic powers she was subjected to test to see how much she could lift or deflect.  She was deemed sufficiently successfully enough to have started receiving training to be a soldier.

It was around this time when the other developed psychers rioted and attacked the scientists.  One of the members of the medical staff stationed at the facility took her and several of the more sane subjects and tried to help them escape during the chaos.  She was never able to ask him why he decided to help.  Of those that tried to flee, she and he were the only survivors (that she knows of) and he received a horrible head wound, losing most of his memory and even his name.  If she even knows what his name was she isn’t saying.

She has traveled with the Doctor now know as Connor since, till they came to the town of Waller. 


  1. Rescue of family from a strip mall
  2. Battle outside Northside Hospital
  3. Northside Hospital