Robots suitable for use as a player character are more or less human shaped autonomous models with learning neural net computers. All robots are either genuine pre-war items, or are based on advanced pre-war technologies - Functional robots are extremely rare, and spare parts are hard to come by. Note that ST and HT attributes of a robot are fixed at creation - A robot's physical form can be improved only with a refit or a serious tune up. Because the robot can learn, it is possible to buy off any mental disadvantages from the racial package, either with xp-points or at creation. Even though the robots basic shape is often generally humanoid, they cannot wear unmodified rigid human armor. In the case of 'serious wounds' of over 8 hit points, only half of the damage can be repaired with work - the other half must be replaced with spare parts.

Robot [+40 points]Edit

Attribute Adjustment: HT 11 [10]; ST+4 [40]; DX+2 [40]; IQ-2 [-40].

Secondary Characteristic Adjustment: HP +6 [12].

Racial Advantages: Damage Resistance +5 [25]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Lightning Calculator [2]; Eidetic Memory (Photographic) [10]; Machine [25]; Unfazable [15].

Racial Disadvantages: Fragile (Unnatural) [-50]; Non-Volitional AI [-38]; Vulnerability (EMP damage; x4 damage) [-20].

Free Skills: Language (Native); Area Knowledge (at IQ; Home City). All robots are literate.

Racially Learned Skills and Skill Bonuses: Mechanic (Robotics/TL 8) (IQ/A) IQ-1 [1].

Features/Taboos: Cannot Float [-1]; Neutered [-1]; No Extra-Effort [0]; No Fatigue [0].

Note: Purely physical attributes like ST, DR or HP can vary from the average values, but only if altered during the character creation.)

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