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The adventure [[Session_12|continued]]....
The adventure [[Session_12|continued]]....

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Session 11
Vital statistics
Session Date February 7, 2014
Participants Lucie, Dr. Connor, Wally, Sam (NPC)
Location The Factory


Our intrepid heroes, having journeyed by crane and flat bed to the bombed-out crater of Perimeter Mall, found themselves fighting the darkening skies. Between Wally's curiosity about what structures might have survived and keeping an eye out for choice buildings to salvage goodies from, the group spied a mostly intact building with "FACTORY" written across the top.

Thinking this was a good place to explore and also hide out for the night, they worked toward entry into the building. Finding it locked, Wally practiced his fledgling lock pick skills learned in the hidden halls of Vault 46. Lucie attempted to disable the crane so vandals would not make off with it but accidentally broke some key engine components.

Sam, therefore, found something for him to do during the adventure as an NPC while the other three explored the FACTORY....

(To be continued.)

The adventure continued....

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