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Session 12
Vital statistics
Session Date February 21, 2014
Participants Dr. Connor, Jack, Sam
Location The Bridge over Interstate 285


Dr. Connor, Jack and Sam battle the brigands on the bridge over I-285. Wally wandered off before the battle, and Lucie followed, without telling where they were going or what they were up to.

The ruffians on the bridge stronghold were destroyed, the bridge was cleared, and the crane was able to get across the bridge, but not before they looted the corpses and caches of the following:

  • 1 set of leather armor (DR3)
  • 5 sets of raider armor
  • 1 rocket launcher (jammed)
  • 2 10 mm pistols
  • 2 hunting rifles
  • 3 doses of Jet
  • 3 doses of Buff Out
  • Approximately 1000 bottle caps
  • 1 rudimentary drug/chem lab (counts as improvised tools, -2 to success rolls)
  • 1 M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (aka SAW), with a bi-pod (to offset its ST12 requirement)

Once at Northside hospital, they rigged the crane to the roof and were able to retrieve the disabled vertibird. They returned to Waller. The adventures continued...

Elsewhere in the Wasteland....[]

Lucie and Wally's side adventure is undocumented at this time.