Session 13
Vital statistics
Session Date Marcy 7, 2014
Participants Dr. Connor, Jack
Location MARTA Five Points Station

Synopsis Edit

Jack and Dr. Connor followed up on the papers retrieved from the dead man they'd found at the Cheesecake Factory. The dead man's papers had mission instructions on taking a key to Five Points MARTA station at a certain time.  The two of them made their way to the Metropolitan Atlanta Rail Transit Authority (MARTA) Five Points station, where they unlocked the locker using the dead man's key, wherein they found an empty weapons case and instructions for building a gun.

Elsewhere in the Wasteland.... Edit

Sam had plenty to do in game with the new vertibird. He picked out a a good spot for a vehicle yard outside the fence next to the fields. He set up all the tools he had at his disposal, cobbled together a shack for a machine shop, and made sure the whole thing was protected.  Using the crane, he maneuvered several nearby scrapped cars and constructed a simple wall around the vehicle yard to keep the riffraff out.

Wally and Lucie continued their clandestine adventure. When they returned, the adventures continued.

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