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Session 2
Vital statistics
Session Date August 23, 2013
Participants Murray, Wally, Dr. Connor, Jack
Location Waller, Roswell Town Hall, chemical lab


Not long after Wally took up residence in Waller, Wally, Murray, Jack and Dr. Connor agreed to investigate reports of a previously un-looted chemical lab that might contain valuable supplies for Waller.  They brought Unnamed Brahmin #1 along with them.

En route, they passed by the Roswell Town Hall inside which they detected something.  Murray and Wally investigated but were met with gunfire.  Attempts at diplomatic entry failed, and rather than fight an apparently well-entrenched force inside, they retreated to the safety behind an abandoned Nuka-Cola van and out of range.  Vowing one day to return, they left the area and proceeded to their mission's destination.

At the chemical lab, they gained forceful entry, encountered a nest of fire ants and dispatched them.  The lab contained a cache of copper tubing they suspected and hoped would be at the location.  They returned safely to Waller with the copper.