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Session 3
Vital statistics
Session Date September 14, 2013
Participants Sam, Jack
Location Roswell Town Hall


While retrieving copper tubing during Session 2, it was discovered that bandits had taken up residence in Roswell Town Hall. Sam and Jack were sent to deal with the situation and brought along newly created molotov cocktails thanks to the copper tubing and repairs to the town's still used to create fuel for the powerplant.

Using a bit of strategy, Sam snuck up to the building and tossed a flaming bottle in while Jack took up a sniper position some distance away. When the bandits came out to investigate they were greated by a hail of gunfire at a distance. As they moved to intercept Jack, Sam attacked from the flank, distracting several. The group outside was quickly taken down and left the inside of the building relatively undefended. 

A quick sweep inside removed the last holdouts. The bandits had been cleared from the town hall, allowing the residents of Waller to breathe a bit easier. There was also a good amount of loot acquired: ammo, stims, chemicals, and useful pump parts. Sam looks forward to putting it to good use back in town.