Waller Wiki
Session 4
Vital statistics
Session Date September 28, 2013
Participants Lucie, Connor, Wally
Location Waller, Northside Hospital


A fellow explorer passed along news to the residents of Waller that, upon last visiting the ruins of Northside Hospital, he noticed that shifting rubble appears to have uncovered a hallway that had previously been blocked off. It was well-known that the ruins had been cleaned out in general, but the news of the shifting rubble opened the possibility that there were areas of the hospital that had never previously been scavenged.

Recognizing that one of the places where Waller really fell down was in medical facilities--Conner was working at about a TL4 in terms of medical support--the possibility of finding some pristine Pre-War medical stuffs was attractive. Conner's standard level of care was to rub some dirt on the wound and tell his patient to avoid Rad Scorpions until it healed or patient expiration.

Wally, Connor, Lucie, and a brahmin named Titan-Stan set off for the hospital. En route, they navigated the ruins of the intersection of Georgia State Route 400 and Interstate 285, where they encountered and dispatched a group of bloatflies.

Soon they passed by a dilapidated building which caught their attention due to some debris falling from the second floor. Investigating cautiously from the memory of their recent ambush at the Roswell Town Hall, but encountering no resistance, they discovered the hideout of a family of three who had escaped a raid by the local raiders. Connor stabilized the unconscious and wounded husband, Tony, and the party befriended his wife, Samantha and daughter, Clementine. They brought the three back to Waller where they gladly joined the community, increasing the population of Waller from 17 to 20.

After spending the night in Waller, the three and their pack animal ventured out again, traveling uneventfully to the ruins of Northside Hospital. As they approached they came upon a fight between two humans and a Super Mutant. Entering the fray with guns blazing, they took on the Super Mutant. Connor scored a successful head-exploding hit with his shotgun to end the threat.

Tending to the wounded humans, Wally made fast friends with them but Connor considered them skeptically. The wounded men, Delbert and Tommy, revealed a third member of their party, Ralph, who had gone into the opened tunnel before the Super Mutant attacked. The five agreed, although some reluctantly, to join together to explore the newly accessible tunnel.