Waller Wiki
Session 5
Vital statistics
Session Date October 4, 2013
Participants Lucie, Connor, Wally, Sam
Location Northside Hospital


Having defeated the Super Mutant at the ambulance entrance to Northside Hospital, Lucie, Connor, Wally were joined by fellow Waller resident Sam who came upon the scene in time to help explore the recently uncovered tunnel. With area wanderers Felbert and Ralph (or was his name Tommy?), the six confirmed their tenuous alliance and entered the hospital, leaving Titan-Stan to graze outside.

Activating Pip-Boy and flash lights to illuminate the tunnel, they quickly encountered a pile of rubble. A quick search revealed a crawl-space which they navigated. First through, Wally compulsorily carved W46 into the wall while waiting for the rest of the group to follow, which they did without incident.

To be continued...