Vault 46
Vital statistics
Type Vault
Level Unknown
Location Greater Waller Metropolitan Area
Inhabitants unknown

Vault 46 is one of the vault series of fallout shelters developed by Vault-Tec in the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta, GA, near Marietta, but its true location is not known as the only known inhabitant to leave the vault, Wally Wong, has no memory of its location due to being knocked out cold shortly after leaving the vault, and waking up in Waller. Vault 46 was presumably the home of Wally Wong before he left to explore the outside world.


Construction and purposeEdit

It's not exactly known when the construction of Vault 46 began, but it was probably constructed in the 2060s like the other vaults in the nation.

The original purpose of the Vault 46 (Vault Experiment) has not yet been revealed.



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Vault 46 appears only in conversation with Wally Wong at this point. No independent source has verified its existence.

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