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Wally Wong
Wally wong.png
Vital statistics
Player(s): Ben
Birthplace: Vault 46
Species: human
Gender: male
Personal Weapons Systems
Primary Projectile Weapons: Vault 46 issued 9mm semi-automatic pistol
Energy Manipulation: Wattz 1600 laser pistol
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: Vault 46 Jumpsuit DR0, Security Armor DR5
Chronological & Political Information

Wally Wong was a resident of Vault 46 near Marietta, Georgia.  Soon after leaving the vault, Wally was rendered unconscious, and discovered by a passing caravan which transported him to the settlement of Waller.

Assuming he had been commissioned by his Vault's leaders to explore the surface world surrounding Vault 46, Wally made the small community his home and eagerly participated in exploration and retrieval operations in the region.

Wally had no memory of having left the vault, losing consciousness, or of the reason he had left the vault. He also found that his Pip-Boy inexplicably did not hold the location of Vault 46 in its map.


  1. Retrieval of copper tubing from an abandoned store - earned 2 XP
  2. Rescue of family from a strip mall and Battle outside Northside Hospital - earned 4 XP
  3. Exploration of Northside Hospital - earned 4 XP
  4. Craning around Atlanta Metro - earned 15 XP (as part of longer arc of sessions 6-10 involving Northside Hospital and the Crane).
  5. The Cheesecake Factory - earned 3 XP.